Section 1: Definitions

a. ‘Organisation’: Sc Bazar Production Srl

b. ‘Visitor’: any person who concludes an agreement in any manner with the organisation, directly or indirectly, which agreement pertains to attending an Event organised by the Organisation. This applies to all natural persons at the Venue.

c. ‘Event’: a party, event, musical performance, etc. organised by the Organisation.

d. ‘Venue’: any location where the Organisation organises an Event, the associated spaces and surrounding areas that are part of the complex in which the event is being held, including the public road that the organisation is entitled to use.

Section 2: General provisions

a. These general terms and conditions shall apply to all agreements to which the Organisation is a direct or indirect party, including the services to be provided by the Organisation. By entering the Venue, Visitors agree unconditionally to the content of these general terms and conditions.

b. All offers, line-up and other announcements, notifications, price lists and other information provided by the Organisation or third parties are obligation-free. The Organisation accepts no liability for possible errors contained in the information or announcements made to Visitors by the Organisation or third parties.

c. Any deviations from this agreement shall apply only if the Organisation has declared such in writing.

d. These terms and conditions will only be declared inapplicable by the Organisation if necessary.

Section 3: Access, stay and security

a. If a minimum age applies to an Event organised by the Organisation, Visitors who enter the Venue must have reached the minimum age.

b. The Organisation is entitled to search Visitors, check bags or ask for identification prior to or during the Event.

c. Upon request, Visitors are obliged to provide identification in order to enable the Organisation to fulfil its statutory obligations as part of the Event, including the obligation not to supply alcohol to persons aged under 18 years..

e. The Organisation is entitled to refuse entry to Visitors without needing to provide a reason, and to remove Visitors from the Venue who do not observe the agreements described above or for any other reasons as deemed necessary by the Organisation. Following removal from the Venue, Visitors shall no longer be granted access to the Venue.

f. Visitors are not permitted to bring audio, video and/or other recording equipment to the Venue, or to carry such with them at the Venue. If this occurs, the equipment will be confiscated for the duration of the Event.

g. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets, animals, soft or hard drugs, alcoholic or other drinks and food (regardless of the type of packaging), glassware, plastic bottles, fireworks, firearms or other weapons, or other dangerous objects to the Venue or to carry such with them at the Venue, subject to permanent confiscation.

h. Visitors are not permitted to offer goods of any kind for sale or trade at the Venue, nor to offer them for free, unless he/she has received prior written permission from the Organisation.

i. Visitors who commit any of the above offences or refuse cooperation may be refused entry to the Event, or may be removed from the Event by the Organisation.  Any losses suffered by the Organisation due to the Visitor will be recovered from the Visitor.

Section 4: Liability

a. Visitors enter the Venue and attend the Event at their own risk. The Organisation is only liable if the damages or injury suffered is/are directly or exclusively the result of gross negligence on the part of the Organisation. The only damages that are eligible for compensation are those for which the Organisation is insured and only to the extent that the damages are covered by the insurance. The Organisation is not liable in the following cases:

– damages due to the actions of third parties, including third parties hired by the Organisation, such as suppliers, tenants/lessees of parts of the Venue, and persons hired by third parties.

– damages due to not following instructions given by functionaries hired by the Organisation or not observing the general standards of public order, safety and decency.

– impaired hearing/sight or other injuries resulting from attending the Event.

– damages resulting from the loss, damage or theft of goods belonging to and brought into the Venue by the Visitor.

– damages resulting from unforeseeable changes to the starting and finishing times of the Event.

– damages caused in any way by other Visitors at the Event.

– direct or indirect damages to anyone or anything as the direct or indirect result of circumstances pertaining to any movable or immovable property of which the Organisation is the custodian, lessee, tenant or owner.

• consequential and indirect trading or other losses on the part of the Visitor.

• nonmaterial damage

– damage caused with intent or wilful recklessness by auxiliary persons, servants or agents of the Organisation.

b. The Organisation is never liable if the damage suffered by the Visitor is the result of force majeure on the side of the Organisation.

c. The exclusions and restrictions to liability included in this section also apply to employees of the Organisation and/or third parties hired by the Organisation.

Section 5: Recording

a. The Organisation is entitled to have the Event and the Visitors recorded onto image carriers, to either wholly or in part to publish these images, and to grant permission to third parties to publicise and reproduce them. This shall also include video-camera and other recordings made as part of maintaining public order and security at the Venue. By entering the Venue, Visitors agree unconditionally to the publication and reproduction of their portrait.

Section 6: Intellectual property rights

a. Visitors are not permitted to record images or sounds of any part of the Event, subject to confiscation. Confiscated image or sound carriers will be destroyed. Visitors are not permitted to publicise or reproduce these recordings.

b. Visitors are not entitled to reproduce any part of the line-up, posters, flyers or any other published promotional material, or otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights.

c. Visitors who infringe these rights are liable to pay a fine of € 50,000.00 without prejudice to the Organisation’s remaining statutory rights to compensation.

Section 8: Dates and locations

a. The Organisation shall undertake to have an Event take place at the indicated location, time and date.

b. In the event of force majeure, the Organisation is entitled to postpone the Event to another date, location, or to cancel the Event without being liable for any damages suffered or to be suffered by the Visitor.

c. ‘Force majeure’ shall mean: any circumstances due to which the Organisation is forced to cancel the Event. This includes: war, riots, terror, actions by the police or fire brigade and/or other circumstances due to which the Organisation is forced to cancel the Event.

Section 9: Objections/complaints

a. Complaints regarding the execution of the agreement between the Organisation and the Visitor must be submitted in writing to the management within seven days of the agreement having been executed. Complaints received after this time will not be processed by the Organisation.

Section 10: General Provisions

a. If any of the provisions contained in these terms and conditions are declared null and void either wholly or in part, the remaining provisions will continue to apply.

b. All disputes, regardless of their nature, will be brought before the competent court in Romania.

c. Disputes will be settled under Romanian law only. These general terms and conditions have been lodged at the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce.